The first question our guests always ask us is “Where can we eat?”.

We created a list of restaurants, starting from Cernobbio, where our apartments are, to guide you through the streets of this beautiful city on Lake Como shores, with our holiday house as a reference.

Then, we “moved” to Como, the main city that gives its name to the lake.

Last, but not least, since we suggested several itineraries in our “what to do in…” section, we included several restaurants you can’t miss in those locations.

Please note that we haven’t personally tried every restaurant and our recommendations are based on reviews and personal opinions.

Where to eat in Cernobbio

La Corte di Zizi and La Corte di Cernobbio are located in a lucky area -speaking of gastronomical opportunities!

Just 10 meters out of our holiday apartments, on the right, you will find the Osteria del Beuc, which our guests seem to really enjoy: a warm atmosphere, traditional cuisine with a modern twist that won’t leave you hungry and the opportunity to eat outside while enjoying a great view of the lake.

Claudia -the owner- and her staff are dynamic and hard-working, the kitchen is always open and whenever you’ll check-in you’ll find something to eat, but make sure to book a table (031 341633), since the restaurant is always packed with guests.

If you exit our holiday house and turn left instead, heading to the lake, you will be able to choose from several different restaurants: the first one is the Trattoria del Vapore, a well-known restaurant in the historical center of Cernobbio with an area to eat outside, and next to the Trattoria you will find the Hotel Miralago, a symbol of Cernobbio warm welcoming traditions with a terrace and an amazing view. Turning the corner and taking the road to the center,  you can find the Hostaria, a small restaurant under new management that also has outdoor tables.

In front of the Hotel Miralago restaurant, you can find Harry’s Bar – classy and fancy, frequented by VIPs and actors. One of our lucky guests found himself seated next to George Cloney and his wife Amal; here’s what he wrote about his experience at our holiday house:

“one of the endearing qualities of the property, you really feel immersed in local Italian life, also on our last night we were having a meal at Harry’s Bar (Which is just around the corner from Luca’s apartment) when we bumped into George Clooney and his Wife who had gone there for dinner, which was definitely a high point of our stay! I would highly recommend Luca’s property and Cernobbio and Lake Como, in general, it is just beautiful I do not think you can get bored of looking out over the lake, and mountains, thank you again, Luca, for being such a great host. Best regards, James”

Heading to the pier, on the right, under the sycamores in Piazza Risorgimento, right in front of the lake and next to the playground there is InRiva, the perfect location to have a great lunch looking at the lake… and at your kids, too!

Next to the pier is located the Lido di Cernobbioboth a lounge bar and a restaurant with an elegant atmosphere, the best choice for a happy hour after a day in the swimming pool, a dinner with a view or a well-deserved cocktail.

If you are craving pizza, look no further than Il Giardino, just outside La Corte of Zizi and La Corte of Cernobbio, in the so-called “Strettoia“, the narrow street between 2 traffic lights where most of Cernobbio shops are.

With kids – but adults seem to really enjoy it too – you can’t go wrong with ComoBurger, near the roundabout in Piazza Mazzini 4.

If you dare to try a very innovative kind of cuisine you can’t miss Ristorante Materia (Via 5 Giornate 5, behind the City Hall, in the street heading to Switzerland) where the young but already famous Chef Davide Caranchini will surprise you experimenting with unusual pairings, with special attention for your eyes and your taste.

If you have a car, you can easily reach Piazza Santo Stefano, a small village near Cernobbio, where the Trattoria del Glicine is: mentioned in the Michelin Guide, classy and with a wide selection of wines, offers the opportunity to dine outside under the shade of  an ancient wisteria – hence the name of the restaurant.

Other 2 restaurants you can find are the Ristorante/Pizzeria della Torre (Via Vittorio Emanuele II 3), which offers pizza and home-cooked meals in a location with a huge window and a stunning view.

Where to eat in Como

There are plenty of restaurants to eat in in Como, so we’ll just recommend those who can be easily reached while visiting the lake area and the historical center:

Fast food

  • Tigella Bella, Via Natta 35, +39 342 618 2035, historical center
  • L’Ora della Pasta, Via Lambertenghi 33, +39 031 263267, historical center
  • Toast & Roll, Via Luigi Cadorna 15, +39 031 260142, just outside the historical center

Local cuisine

  • Pronobis, via Lambertenghi 19, + 39 031 261786, historical center
  • Ristorante Cervo, Lungo Lario Trieste 58, +39 031 307199, near the lake

Fancy restaurants

  • I Tigli in Theoria, via Bianchi Giovini 41, +39 031 305272, near the lake
  • Numeronove, Piazza Mazzini 5, +39 031 272858, historical center
  • Lo Storico, via Filippo Juvara 14, +39 031 260193, historical center


  • Peach Pit Pizzeria Napoletana, Via Generale Armando Diaz 41, +39 031 267522, historical center
  • Riva Cafè, Via F.lli Cairoli 10, +39 031 264325 near the lake
  • Napule E’ Lago ,Piazza Croggi 10, +39 031 307284, near the lake
  • OX Como: Piazza Alcide De’ Gasperi 6, +39 031 305549, near the lake
  • Il Carrettiere, Via Coloniola 18, +39 031 30347, near the lake
  • Locanda Barbarossa, Via Odescalchi 10, +39 031 275 3421, historical center
  • La Darsena, Via Lungo Lario 54, +39 349 068 3333, near the lake, just outside the funicolar to Brunate

Ethnic cuisine

  • Middle East, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 5,+ 39 031 300623  libanese cuisine, near the lake
  • Cardamomo, via Carloni 2, +39 031 301919, pizza e Moroccan cuisine, near Como Borghi station
  • Cardamomo Persian Palace, Via Vitani 35, +39 031 300623, Persian restaurant, historical center
  • Hommus, libanese snack, Largo Giacomo Leopardi, +39 031 304662, near the lake and the Como Lago station
  • Nord Como Lago, home delivery at
  • Taj Mahal, via Borgovico 33, on the street from Cernobbio to Como, indian cuisine, suitable for kids
  • Namasté, Piazza San Rocco 8, +39 031 261642, excellent indian cuisine, a bit far from the city center
  • Pechino, Viale Giulio Cesare 5, +39 031 270392, chinese cuisine
  • I Sushi, via Tolomeo Gallio 5, +39 031 269866, japanese cuisine
  • Sushibar, via Borgovico 59, : +39 031 573715, japanese cuisine, delivery at

Where to eat in Argegno

  • Bar Ristorante Barchetta, Piazza Roma 2, +39 031 821105, lake view
  • Ristorante La Posteria, Via Lungo Telo di Sinistra 3, +39 031 447 4072
  • La Piazzetta, Piazza Roma 4/8, +39 031 821110

Where to eat in Bellagio

Bellagio, the ‘pearl of the Lario’, has a remarkable history of welcoming tourists, offering a wide range of restaurants, bars and pizzerie. We’ll suggest you those that stands out for their typical cuisine or their  location.

  • Ristorante Silvio, Via Paolo Carcano 12, +39 31 950322, when entering Bellagio, lake cuisine
  • Ristorante La Punta, Via Eugenio Vitali 19, +39 031 951888, the name “Punta” means “Cape”, as it suggests it’s located in a strategic location that offers a breath-taking view of the lake.
  • Ittiturismo Ristorante Mella, Piazza San Giovanni Battista 6, +39 031 950205, it’s an “ittiturismo”, a restaurant that catch the same fish it serves everyday, an experience you can’t miss.
  • Ristorante Alle darsene di Loppia, Via Melzi d’Eril, location Loppia, +39 031 952069, next to the south exit of Villa Melzi, a refined restaurant with creative cuisine and lake specialties
  • Ristorante Il Salice Blu, Via per Lecco 33, +39 339 8343067, creative and local Italian menu, curated by the young chef and owner Luigi Gandola, continuer of the family tradition. Cooking lessons and wine tasting are also organized

Where to eat in Bellano

  • Ristorante La Darsena, Via Carlo Alberto 8, +39 0341 810317
  • Lido Di Bellano, Via Martiri della Libertà, +39 0341 810066, near the lake, pizza is on the menu, too.
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Cavallo Bianco, Via Vittorio Veneto 29, +39 0341 810307

Where to eat in Brienno

  • Crotto dei Platani, Via Regina 73, +39 031 814038, stunning view and cuisine, too.

Where to eat in Brunate

  • Trattoria dei Braccconieri, Via Roma 1, +39 031 364183, near the funicular and with an amazing view, mixed reviews
  • Il Balcone sul Lago Café, Via Pissarottino 26, +39 339 436 1897, near the funicular, on the “Liberty Villas” boulevard, amazing view of the Lake.

Where to eat between Brunate and San Maurizio

  • Locanda del Dolce Basilico, Via Mulattiera per San Maurizio 24, 031 221003, Ligurian cuisine
  • La Polenteria, Via Giacomo Scalini 66, 031 336 5105, 5 minutes by foot from Faro Voltiano, home-like cuisine.

For those willing to do a bit of trekking from San Maurizio to Via alle Colme, known as “The treck of cabins”:

  • Capanna Cao, Via alle Colme 35, San Maurizio, +39 031 221074
  • Baita Carla, Via alle Colme, San Maurizio, +39 031 220186
  • Baita Bondella, Via Bel Paese 9, +39 031 220307

Where to eat in Carate Urio

  • Millesimo Enoteca Wine Bar Café, Via Regina Vecchia 45, +39 335 625 7404, amazing view and wines
  • Il Filo d’Olio, Hotel Orso Bruno, Via Regina Vecchia 45, +39 031 400136
  • Ristorante Acquadolce, Via Regina Vecchia 26, +39 031 400260 elegant setting, directly on the lake, with mooring for motorboats
  • Una finestra sul Lago, Via Santa Marta 32/B, +39 031 400546

Where to eat in Dongo

  • Osteria del Bumbardin, Via GiovanBattista Scalini 3, +39 338 822 2403
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Ideale, Via San Lorenzo 13, +39 0344 82038

Where to eat on Isola Comacina

  • Locanda dell’Isola, Isola Comacina, +39 0344 55083

Where to eat in Gravedona

  • Pizzeria Garbatona, Piazza marinai d’Italia 2, +39 0344 85473
  • Cantina & Bottega, Via Grisogoni 8, +39 346 766 3257

Where to eat in Moltrasio

  • Ristorante La Baia di Moltrasio, Via Vincenzo bellini 6, Moltrasio, +39 031 376093
  • Trattoria del Fagiano, Via Roma 54, +39 031 290000
  • La Veranda, Hotel Posta, Moltrasio, Piazza San Rocco 5, +39 031 290444
  • Lido di Moltrasio, Via Regina,+39 031 290232, it’s possible to eat on the beach

Where to eat in Ossuccio

  • Lido di Ossuccio, +39 338 368 4816, informal, view of  the Isola Comacina

Where to eat in Val D’intelvi,

If you have decided to reach Valle D’intelvi, Lanzo and Sighignola from Argegno:

  • Locanda Sant’Anna, Via per Schignano, +39 031 821105
  • Taverna Due Castagni, Via La Selva 12, Blessagno, +39 031 842 7022
  • Acqua e Sale, Largo IV Novembre – Piazza Carminati, San Fedele Intelvi, pizza is on the menu, too.
  • Pizzeria Ristorante La Tenda Rossa, Via Laino 2, San Fedele Intelvi, +39 031 831225
  • La Locanda del Notaio, Via Piano delle Noci 42, Pellio Intelvi, +39 031 842 7016
  • La Ca’ Vegia, Via Romeo-Emila Lanfranconi, Località Giovenzago, Pellio Intelvi, +39 031 830046
  • Ranch Augusto, Via Paraviso 6, Lanzo Intelvi, +39 031 841369
  • Cristal Domino, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 13, Lanzo Intelvi, +39 031 840223
  • Locanda La Pignatta, Strada Nova 50, Arogno, Svizzera, +41 91 630 61 0

Where to eat in Pigra

If you have decided to reach Pigra from Argegno with the cable car:

  • Le Lanterne di Pigra, Via Funivie 3, +39 347 354 7665, stunning view and cuisine, too.
  • Pulcio’s, Via Santa Margherita 2, +39 333 191 8446
  • Il Baretto di Davide, Via Funivia 11-5, informal, amazing view , +39 347 265 3646

Where to eat in Sala Comacina

If you have decided to visit Isola Comacina without having lunch there:

  • Lido di Sala Comacina, Via dei Pini 2, +39 0344 56465, informal, outside area with football field for kids
  • Locanda La Tirlindana, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 5, +39 0344 56637, view of  the Isola Comacina from the main square

Where to eat in Torno

  • Bar Italia, Piazza Casartelli 2, +39 031 419150, near the pier
  • Albergo Ristorante Vapore, Via Plinio 20, near the lake
  • Albergo Ristorante Belvedere, Piazza Casartelli 3, +39 031 419656, just in front of the lake. Beautiful view. Romantic.

Where to eat in Tremezzo

If you are visiting Villa Carlotta

  • La Caffetteria di Villa Carlotta, Via Regina Lenno 2, +39 349 822 8953
  • Chiosco Villa Carlotta, Via Tempietto 1, +39 347 060 9533
  • Battello Bisbino, Statale Regina Km 28 | davanti Villa Carlotta, +39 339 425 4969, on an old ferry
  • Casa AquaDulza, Via Mazzini 3, +39 333 721 3437
  • Cantina Follie, Via Volta 14/16, +39 0344 42311, for those in love with wines and happy hours
  • Ristorante La Darsena, Via Regina 3, location Tremezzo, +39 0344 43166, directly in front of the lake. Beautiful view

Where to eat in Varenna

  • Osteria Quatro Pass, Via XX Settembre 20, +39 0341 815091
  • Il Cavatappi, Via XX Settembre 8, +39 0341 815349
  • Monamour, Contrada Scoscesa 7, +39 0341 814016
  • Vecchia Varenna, Contrada Scoscesa 14, +39 0341 830793

If you have decided to visit Vezio Castle from Varenna:

  • Ristorante il Portichetto, Via del Castellano, Vezio, +39 0341 830316