Today, along with two friends, we decided to reach this greenery destination near the village of Faggeto Lario. 
  • Ascent: 400 meters to Lemna Alp, 650 meters to Bocchetta di Lemna
  • Kind of trail: both on paved trail and bridleway
  • Route Lenght: 1 hour and 20 minutes to the Alp, nearly 2 hours to the Bocchetta
  • Where to eat: Ristorante San Giorgio, Agriturismo Alpe di Lemna
If you wish to reach Lemna by car from La Corte di Zizi or Cernobbio, take the SS583 heading to Torno, drive until you reach Faggeto Lario and then follow the sign on your right to Molina, Lemna e Palanzo.
Pass through the small village of Lemna and follow the Provincial road, turning right when you see the San Giorgio Square and Church; you can park the car on the road.
If you wish to reach Lemna by bus from La Corte di Zizi or Cernobbio, take the bus C10 to Como, get off at Sant’Agostino stop and change there to take C31 bus, getting off the stop near the St. Giorgio square.
From the “San Giorgio” restaurant we follow the signs to “Alpe di Lemna” and take the cobblestone path on the left; we soon pass over a wash-house and an old burial rock – the only one in the Faggeto area. We arrive at Bigogno, here we can visit the Chiesetta di Sasso.
We then proceed to follow the sign on the right, on a house wall, pointing to the Lemna Alp, walking on a steep -but not difficult -bridleway, through a beech wood, reaching a creek crossing.
We continue to walk uphill until we arrive at a crossroad: we can go both left or straight.  We go straight, we pass along a lovely red house and, after 2 hairpin turns we reach the Agriturismo of the Lemna Alp.
You can stop here to eat and rest, or, as we do, go on and reach a wide meadow for a pause.
Those who are advanced hikers may enjoy the Bocchetta di Lemna as well, where the trail meets the “Dorsale Monti Lariani”, another trail coming down from Brunate Cabin.