Few people know that Lake Como is not only home to luxurious villas and quaint historic villages; in fact, its waters are inhabited by a multitude of fish, at least 25 species

Lake Como’s fish has always been a fundamental ingredient of local gastronomy, and you can enjoy it along with other typical dishes such as, for example, polenta or risotto.

Want to know more about the fish that you can taste on Lake Como? Here is an overview of the main species that inhabit our lake and some recipes for which they are used.


Polenta e misultin

Polenta e misultin (photo: piattoforte.it)

We begin our overview starting from the agone, a precious fish that restaurants serve fried or soused – this kind of preparation gives it the name of misultin (the name originates from the word misonda, the wooden or tin container in which it is put during storage). It is not uncommon to find typical taverns that serve misultin with polenta, so if you spend a few days at one of our holiday homes in Cernobbio you should not miss this tasty and typical dish!


Risotto e pesce persico

Risotto e pesce persico (photo: ilfilodolio.it)


Persico is one of the most loved Lake Como’s fishes. It is not typical only of our lake, as it can also be found in many other lakes in northern Italy (except for Lake Garda). This delicious fish can be enjoyed alone (flavored with butter and sage) or is used to prepare the famous risotto with persico.


Lavarello burro e salvia

Lavarello burro e salvia (photo: Pinterest @carnevaliluigi)

Lavarello, or coregone, is a light lake fish which is almost completely without bones and is a fundamental part of mixed fried lake fish. It is also often served soused, with herb sauces, or cooked on the grill.


Fritto di alborelle

Fritto di alborelle (foto: noilombardia.com)

Alborella is very similar to the agone; it is a small fish, of a silvery green color, that just like its similar is often served soused or inside a delicious mixed fried lake fish.

No description will ever do justice to our lake fish: come and find out for yourself, and, after an extensive dinner, come to rest in one of our comfortable holiday homes in Cernobbio!