My name it’s Alessandra and “La Corte di Zizi” originates from the desire to bring back to life an ancient family house, in the very center of Cernobbio old town.  I took over from my grandmother “Zizi” and started this adventure.
Along with my husband, Davide, we had fun renovating the house, discovering and enhancing the original architectural elements, combining them with a functional and innovative decor.
Soon, all the family got involved in this experience: at first, I needed an hand up, then they discovered how wonderful it was to host and get in touch with people from all around the world, helping them feeling at home and making the most out of their stay, enjoying our beautiful lake. This was a chance indeed to rediscover once again the nearby lands, routes and events.
Another apartment, “Lario”, was then added, run by Luca, along with a second apartment, “Lago”, also managed by Luca: “La Corte di Cernobbio” was then born.

Andrea, our second-born, helps us when we need it most and Davide has took charge of making the court a delightful, green and flowery corner where our guests can relax, have a breakfast or dine outside. All the apartments overlook the court.

Thanks to the different kinds of apartments, all located in the same building, the Corte is the ideal choice for both short and long stays, for couples, large families or groups of friend which would like to share common spaced without giving up on their privacy.

The location is also perfect for those who travel for work in Cernobbio, Como or in Switzerland: a quiet and peaceful place will welcome you after a long workday, perhaps after a dinner in one the nearby restaurants.