With my fellowe hikers we’ve decided to reach the peak of Monte Piatto, starting from Torno (a lovely village in the first basin of Lake Como) and stopping near Piazzaga to see the famous Massi Avelli.They’re huge rocks that used to be burial monuments, as well as the Pietra Pendula, a large rock kept in its place by smaller rocks underneath, which seems about to fall – don’t worry, that won’t happen!

  • Ascent: 400 mt
  • Kind of trail: easy bridleway, suitable for every season
  • Route lenght: 1:30/2 hours, breaks included
  • Where to eat: Crotto in Piazzaga and Crotto Monte Piatto

If you’re staying in La Corte di Zizi or La Corte di Cernobbio, you can reach Torno both by car or public transport. The easiest way is to catch the ferry, buti f you prefer to use the bus, take the bus C10 to Como, stop in Sant’Agostino bus station and, from there, take the bus C30, hopping off at Piazza Caronti stop in Torno.

From Torno pier, walk through the old narrow streets of the village, cross the main road and reach Piazza Caronti. Taking the bank as a reference, on the right you’ll notice a sign pointing the path to be followed. Following the signs for Molina, you’ll reach a small square with a chapel, continue walking on the steep path and you’ll reach the crossroad with Via del Pozzo. On the right starts our bridleway to Piazzaga, while the path on the left will bring you to Molina.

The large bridleway goes through gardens and old houses, with a stunning panoramic view on the lake. You’ll go under an old stone arch while the path becomes less steep and leads you to a bridge over a river with a waterfall, the ideal spot to rest and take some nice pics. On the bridge left you’ll see a small chapel and signs pointing to 3 Massi Avelli: the 3rd Avello – the largest – deserves a visit.

Going back to the bridge and continuing walking we reach Piazzaga, a small village with stone houses where is possible to have lunch in Crotto di Piazzaga. From here, the bridleway becomes a large paved road into a wood and in 30 minutes it is possible to reach the Monte Piatto peek, where a large crucifix is located.

The path goes near the Trattoria del Monte Piatto, another nice place to have lunch, but we’ll continue until we reach the Church of St. Elisabeth, on a panoramic hill. Around the church there are several wooden benches and tables, for those who whish to bring their own lunch and relax. After the break, following the path, it is possible to reach the Pietra Pendula in 5 minutes.

Going back to Torno, we stop in a nice cafè in the main square, just in front of the pier: nothing beats a coffe with your friends after a long day!