Cernobbio, because…

…Because my surname is Dotti, the same of nearly one-third of the population of Cernobbio, Rovenna and Piazza Santo Stefano.


I was born and raised in Cernobbio, just as my Grandmother Zizi. Here we are… and the world comes and visits us, and meeting people from all around the world is an amazing experience.

I love this town, which has now officially become a city: the City of Cernobbio.

I have seen Cernobbio changing over the years: the old shops in the “Strettoia”, the wonderful grocery store belonging to the Don family (who lived for several years in one of the Court apartments), the old “Grigo” butchery, the old “Popoleta” haberdashery, the old “Riva” shoemaker, they all made way to new boutiques, coffee shops and wine shops.


The part that changed the most was the historical city centre, right where our apartments are.

As every European historical centre, it was rediscovered around the Eighties: the houses regained their old charm, and the same happened for the position near the lake. Even the narrow alleys started to tell their fascinating stories and secrets, resulting in looking for a parking place difficult but totally worth it.

It was the popular neighbourhood, the “Castle” (“Castello” in Italian”), with the so called “Case di ringhiera”, an expression that cannot be translated and describes a kind of public housing, chiefly for the lower classes, consisting of a series of flats, typically two-room ones, aligned alongside a shared balcony. Originally, those flats often had no running water, so toilets were also shared – and outside!

Now all the houses have been renovated and have become fashionable, the pubs and the restaurants have spread and Cernobbio is discovering its tourist-oriented vocation.


The Church of St. Vincent, really close to our apartments and to the Riva, is an example of “Lombard earthenware tile” and it is highly requested by celebrities for their weddings.


And speaking of weddings, now very popular in Lario’s mansions, I will tell you more soon…