Cernobbio, a small town overlooking Lake Como, is a delightful village of medieval origin that still shows the signs of its ancient and elegant past.


Known to be the location of important international events (including the Ambrosetti Forum in Villa d’Este), Cernobbio offers many attractions.

In this short virtual tour you will discover the best things to do in Cernobbio, hoping to welcome you soon at one of our comfortable apartments.

Are you looking for some good reasons to visit Cernobbio? Here is our selection of the five best things to do and see!

Visit the old town center and the lakefront

Walk through the narrow streets of the old town that surround our apartments and discover its old courtyards and shops. You will feel like you’re stepping back in time! And after taking a few photographs head to Piazza Risorgimento, the vast lakeside area which is also known as Riva di Cernobbio.

Cernobbio lungolago
Cernobbio’s lakeside is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic of all Lake Como. On the porphyry floor of Piazza Risorgimento you will meet many tourists like you and you can drink a coffee or taste an ice cream at one of the many pretty bars in the area. If you are just passing through and want to know what to do in Cernobbio in little time, walking around Riva di Cernobbio is probably your best choice.

Ever heard about Villa Bernasconi?

Noble villas are one of the most famous attractions in Lake Como. Cernobbio houses some of the most beautiful villas in Lario and all over Italy. Among these Villa Bernasconi (whose construction dates back to the early 20th century) is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Villa Bernasconi at Cernobbio

Inspired by the Art Nouveau, the villa offers some really interesting decorative features. Floral decorations and colored stained glass windows are details that show a wise combination of materials and shapes, to create a high-end artwork. The ideal place for romantic and nostalgic!

Also, inside the park of Villa Bernasconi you can find Spazio Anagramma, the tourist office of the city of Cernobbio; here you can find all the timetables and useful information.

Il Giardino della Valle

Another thing to do in Cernobbio is a stroll around Giardino della Valle, a vast botanical garden born on a land that, thirty years ago, was just an abusive landfill. But, thanks to a local lady, now the community has one of the most suggestive green areas of all Lake Como.

Giardino della Valle

Giardino della Valle is not only a naturalistic Eden, but also a place of culture which hosts every year, especially in the spring, many concerts and art exhibitions. A reference point for lovers of nature and art, Giardino della Valle is also special for another reason: since 2003, in fact, the municipal administration of Cernobbio, on the occasion of the World Day of Childhood, dedicates a plant and a poem to every child born during the previous year.

Church of Madonna delle Grazie

Visiting Cernobbio goes beyond just appreciating the impressive beauty of historic homes or enjoying the colors of flowers and plants that enrich parks and gardens: visiting Cernobbio also means walking around the streets and admire its architectural peculiarities.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the Church of Madonna delle Grazie or, as they call it from here, “Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie”. In the 17th century, the initial structure was expanded and the icon of the Madonna nursing the Child was placed in the center of the altar.

From a decorative and architectural point of view, you can admire the Baroque facade, adorned with a rich inlaid wooden door surmounted by a stone portal and a fresco dating back to the 17th century. The bell tower was probably built around the middle of the eighteenth century and was later restored.

Monte Bisbino, for those who want a breathtaking view

Culture … and, of course, nature. The surroundings of Cernobbio offer surprisingly interesting surprises, including the chance to enjoy breathtaking views of the lake.

Monte Bisbino

An excursion you can not miss is the one that leads to Monte Bisbino, one of the most beautiful climbs in all of Lombardy. To reach the summit of the mountain you start right from the center of Cernobbio; after some hairpin you will get to the village of Villa Argentina and from there you can continue through enchanting woods, mostly made of fir trees and birches.

Once you get to the top of the mountain, you will have the chance to enjoy a wonderful panorama. From the top Monte Bisbino, in fact, you can see the whole Pianura Padania and the Alps. Another point of interest is the ancient sanctuary of Beata Vergine del Bisbino, built in the seventeenth century and destination of many pilgrimages.

We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of the Cernobbio! Want to live in person the experience we have just described? For your next vacation, book one of our comfortable apartments: La Corte di Zizì and La Corte di Cernobbio are at your complete disposal!