Cernobbio Tales – download the app and discover Cernobbio!

From today you can discover the city of Cernobbio through the stories of its inhabitants: "Cernobbio Tales". This one is specifically designed to visit our city in a "new" way, and is available for free for both iOS and Android, in the relevant stores. Download it and go on the hunt for stories of

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Where to ask for exciting activities

SEAPLANE FLIGHT A unique experience that you can have on Lake Como is a seaplane flight. The lake seen from another perspective, alternative and exciting. In addition to having the opportunity to experience the different phases of flight and take-off and landing maneuvers, always on the water of course, you can see villas,

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Where to rent…

...a boat The lake must be seen from the lake ... and this is even more true for Lake Como and in particular for the first basin, to be able to admire the beautiful villas that overlook its shores and for which it is famous all over the world. What could be better than

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Lake Como’s best beaches

Lake Como, with its 46 km, offers to its visitors, and also to the locals, a huge number of beaches to go to during the summer in search of relaxation and freshness.

Lake Como’s best beaches2022-04-25T20:46:24+02:00
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