24 March 2019

This itinerary is divided into 2 parts:

  1. the first one, suitable for families, goes from the funicular to the Lighthouse
  2. the second one reaches the peek of the Boletto Mountain, following a bridleway with several cabins

  • Ascent: 200 metres
  • Kind of trail: paved road until the Lighthouse, bridleway in the wood to the peek
  • Routhe lenght: 40 minutes to the Lighthouse, 2 hours to the peek
  • Where to eat: Baita Cao, Baita Carla, Baita Bonella, Baita Fabrizio

Brunate, known as “Balcony on the Alps”, it’s a small village located on the mountains above Como and its Lake, really loved by tourists.

Here we can find several hiking trails and today I’ve decided, with my fellow hikers, to take the “Cabins trail”,  which starts from the Funicolar and reaches the Boletto Peek, passing near several cabins.

From La Corte di Zizi or Cernobbio you can both take the ferry to Como or the C10 bus to Como (Sant’Agostino stop).

The Funicolar station is less than 10 minutes walking from the ferry pier and just a few minutes away from Sant’Agostino stop, in Viale Geno.

Once we’ve arrived in Brunate, we can easily reach the famous Lighthouse, both walking on a paved road or through a bridleway, in half an hour; in one hour, it’s possible to reach the St. Rita Sancturary – the smallest in Europe – and the Baita Cao, a cabin with a panoramic terrace on the Lake.

Overtaking the Baita Cao, through a 20-minutes, easy track in the wood we reach Baita Carla, another cabin with a restaurant and a garden.

Continuing the path uphill for 15 minutes we arrive at Baita Bondella, followed by Baita Fabrizio. Many hikers decides to stop here for a lunch at the cabin or for a pic-nic.

I decide to go a bit further with Chicca, my lovely dog, and other experienced hikers to reach the Boletto Mountain peek, from which one can enjoy a breath taking view of the Lake and its mountains.

Going back to the cabin we meet the rest of the group and enjoy a well deserved pause – and a coffe, for sure.

Then, we go back home following the same trail, happy with the hike and the amazing day we had.