Km 6.30 – estimated time of going 1: 50 hours

  • Maximum altitude Rovenna (476 m.), minimum altitude Laglio (216 m.)
  • Starting on foot from Rovenna (cemetery car park), take the “Sentee di Sort” to the Casarico hamlet.
  • In Casarico from the Cappelletta go down about 50 meters. and at the first intersection, continue to the left (the descent leads instead to the village and the lake – navigation pier).
  • Continuing on, you arrive at the Tosnacco hamlet (we recommend taking the short climb that starts from a small traffic light on the left – about 500 meters from Casarico – to walk through the streets of the hamlet).
  • The Via Verde begins above the Piazza di Tosnacco (you will find green stickers on the ground all the way up to Laglio) – The route ends on the lake road next to the Clooney villa.

In the town of Moltrasio you can follow the “Itinerando” signs that indicate the main places of interest (water – stone – history – panoramas).
Along the entire itinerary you will find directions to climb the mountains and the ridge by joining the Bisbino – Valle D’Intelvi itinerary (via dei Monti Lariani) and directions to go down to the lake in order to reach the piers of the navigation boats (Cernobbio – Moltrasio – Urio) and the bus stops. Along the way you will find several drinking water fountains.


Km 5.9 – estimated time 3:00 hours

  • Maximum altitude Murelli (1240 m.), Minimum altitude Urio Cemetery (300 m.)
  • Parking near the Urio Cemetery.
  • The steep mule track starts from the entrance to the cemetery, well cared for and well maintained, which reaches the Monte di Urio.
  • Go through the huts and continue uphill on the mule track.
  • When you reach the Bisbino – Val D’Intelvi forest road, continue on the right up to the Murelli refuge.
  • From the Murelli refuge you can reach the Agriturismo Roccolo San Bernardo and from there the panoramic summit of Mount Colmegnone
  • The return can take place on the same itinerary or from the Monti di Carate.


km. 5,3 – estimated time: 2.30 hours

  • Maximum altitude Monti di Carate (770 m.), minimum altitude Via Regina (316 m.)
  • Urio cemetery parking / Cavadino hamlet (Urio).
  • Starting on foot from Cavadino before entering the hamlet, on the left you will find the signs for SS Trinità.
  • Once you reach the church, continue along a steep mule track path up to the crossroads with the signs for Monte di Carate.
  • Continue to the right for a flat path with a beautiful old stone bridge, up to the main mule track. Continue uphill and in about 10 minutes you will reach Monte di Carate.
  • To return, go down the beautiful and well-kept mule track to the Statale Regina which you travel for about 400 meters (towards Como) to reach Santa Marta and the via Verde to Cavadino.


Km 5,5 – estimated time: 3 hours

  • Maximum altitude Murelli (1240 m.), Minimum altitude Santa Marta (317 m.)
  • Carate – Santa Marta cemetery parking.
  • From the church of Santa Marta, go down the main road for about 400 meters until you reach the yellow sign Monti di Carate (Via ai monti).
    NB: do not follow the signs for Monti di Carate next to the cemetery of Santa Marta (it gets lost in the woods).
  • Go along the beautiful and steep mule track up to Monti di Carate which crosses the ancient stone quarry.
  • Reached the locality Monti di Carate, continue uphill on the mule track (then the path) to the Murelli refuge. From here you can reach the Agriturismo Roccolo San Bernardo and the panoramic summit of Mount Colmegnone.
  • The return can take place on the same itinerary or from Murelli towards Bisbino take the first mule track that descends on the left towards the Monti di Urio. From here continue downhill to Cavadino and then Santa Marta.

5th itinerary: SANTA MARTA – BRIENNO

Km. 6,8 – estimated time: 2 hours

  • Maximum altitude (482 m.), Minimum altitude (221 m.)
  • Carate parking (Church of Santa Marta).
  • The itinerary is indicated by a signage with green blazes up to the Soldino area, then by a green / blue sign.
  • The first stretch up to Laglio retraces the green road between the hamlets of the town; after passing the state road via an underpass, the itinerary connects the upper hamlets and then continues on a path to Brienno with beautiful panoramic views.