Km. 7 – estimated time: 3 hours

  • Minimum altitude Roggiana (316m.), Maximum altitude Croce dell’Uomo (808 m.)
  • Parking lot: Roggiana.
  • From the parking lot, walk a few meters towards the Swiss border gate where close to the net the stairway of the “patrol path” begins.
  • This completely stepped path (1.100 mt. of path with a difference in height of about 460 meters.) is a lot challenging.
  • At the end of the climb you reach the path that connects the Swiss town of Sagno, to the right in a few minutes you reach the small church of the Croce dell’Uomo.
  • From the church go down towards Piazzola on the path enriched by the sculptures of Giò Aramini.
  • Once you reach the road, go downhill to Piazza S.Stefano and from there you return to Roggiana along the road to Switzerland.
You will walk on the trails and paths related to smuggling and so on transit for the salvation of many in Switzerland during the Second World War.


Km. 6,4 – estimated time: 2.30 hours

  • Minimum altitude Rovenna (445m.), Maximum altitude Belvedere (853 m.)
  • Parking: Rovenna cemetery.
  • From the church of Rovenna, take via Umberto I which crosses the whole hamlet until you find the beginning of the mule track (indications Fonte Anzone).
  • Follow the mule track to reach the Parlig huts, later passed the fountain of Anzone (water drinking) there is the path on the right with indication Madrona.
  • When you reach the carriage road in Madrona, a sign indicates the short path that leads to the panoramic Belvedere (picnic area).
  • For the return, go down from the carriage road mule track with indication Rovenna.

3rd itinerary: ROVENNA – VETTA BISBINO (classic walk)

Km. 5,5 – estimated time: 2.30 hours

  • Minimum altitude Rovenna (445 m.), Maximum altitude Bisbino (1325 m.)
  • Rovenna cemetery parking.
  • From the church of Rovenna follow the signs for Monte Bisbino next to the fountain.
  • Go along the beautiful and steep mule track passing by Monti di Scarone up to Madrona.
  • From Madrona, take a stretch of carriage road until the mule track is resumed.
  • Crossed the road again at the beginning of the pine forest, continue to the summit.

NB: along the entire route there is no possibility of water supply

4th itinerary: GARZEGALLO – BUGONE

Km 1,6 – estimated time: 40 minutes

  • Difference in altitude about 175 m. Path on the lake side
  • Parking on the straight road near the equipped picnic area.
  • Recommended itinerary to reach the Bugone refuge, Murelli, Agriturismo Roccolo San Bernardo and the Via dei Monti Lariani without going up to Cà Bossi.
  • From the carriage road after the picnic area on the right you will find the indications for Garzegallo reachable in a few minutes.
  • The itinerary then continues uphill on the left with Bugone indication.
  • The itinerary can be reached on foot from the mule track del Bisbino: after crossing the carriage road before the pine forest, continue on the uphill mule track up to the first path on the right (you pass two beautiful  stone huts) and in a few minutes you will find the sign for “Bugone” report.


Km 5 – estimated time: 1.40 hours

  • Minimum altitude Cernobbio (202 m.), Maximum altitude Sentee di Sort (495 m.)
  • Starting on foot from Cernobbio, follow the pedestrian signs for Rovenna.
  • Reached the hamlet of Rovenna, on the road to Bisbino (20 m.), on the right you will find the signs for Sentee of Sort.
  • When you reach the hamlet of Casarico you have access to alternative ways for the return or for other itineraries.