Via Verde and Sentee de Sort – Carate Urio, Tosnacco, Rovenna – Walk with Anna

Feb 14th, 2019

Today we start our hike in Carate Urio (6 km from Cernobbio and La Corte di Zizi), go across Tosnacco (a quarter in Moltrasio, 2km from our holiday apartments), and reach Rovenna, just above Cernobbio, on a ridge overlooking the Lake. The off road trail is quite easy up to Tosnacco, later we will find paved road, and a a slightly more difficult trail, equipped with chains between Casarico and Rovenna.

It is a scenic path, that can be enjoyed in any season.

  • Ascent; 240 m asl – 450 m asl on arrival in Rovenna.
  • Kind of trail: easy and suitable in every season, more difficult between Casarico and Rovenna
  • Route length: approx. 2 hours
  • Where to eat: Tosnacco Trattoria del Fagiano – Rovenna Bar Azzurro

I reach Carate Urio and I park my car close to Santa Marta Church (I could have taken a bus, the stop is nearby), on the left of the parking lot I see a big road sign named “VIA VERDE” (green path), and green will be the colour of the signs making the trail uphill to Tosnacco. Now I am in S.Marta street.

Carate Urio Santa Marta

On the cobblestone path the view over the lake is already superb. I cross a small bridge, on my right I find an old washtub, I go straight on a small trail and in 15 minutes I am in the small village of Cavadino.

Via Verde Path

A little further, I take a tiny path on my right, climbing to the Santuario della SS. Trinità e Grotta della Madonna di Lourdes, I reach the gate, which is open, and I can rest on a bench, while taking some pictures of the stunning view from here.


Then I go back and I walk through small streets and flowery houses, always following the green signs. Out of the village, I find a bench and a small fountain on the cobbled way up to Tosnacco, via Linera.

I reach the square, where I see the “Trattoria del Fagiano”. After a small staircase, I am on the paved road and I turn right (I can see a waterfall right below, if the season is not dry).

Tosnacco square

I could finish my walk here and go back to my car. Instead I make my way after the small bridge and climb up to another small village, Casarico. Road signs tell me I will be in Rovenna in 40 minutes.


I go past a narrow road and I see a yellow house named “Casa Mia”. After a while the path shrinks even more and shows a breathtaking sight down to Como, here I reach a beautiful scenic spot where I always stop for a while.

Casarico Casa Mia

After my rest, I find some stairs going up and down, and reach the walls of the “Cave di Niasch” (an old quarry). After a small stream, I go past a slightly more difficult ascending track, equipped with a rope,  and finally reach another belvedere.

I then go down a few steps and follow a smooth path surrounded by meadows, reaching Rovenna. I get to a parking lot and close to that I reach the Bar Azzurro, where I can enjoy a good coffee! I can go down to my holiday apartment in Cernobbio either on foot or by bus (C28).

If I wanted to make a shorter hike, I could park my car in via Roma (Tosnacco), or reach Tosnacco by bus (C29), and follow the directions of the second part of the walk.


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